Downloading the Wix app:

Unified Mind uses the Wix app to allow you access to our content and notifications.

Follow the steps below to access Unified Mind on the Wix app.


Download the WIX app

You will be directed to the app store and asked to install the Wix App.


Click "Get" or "Download" in your app store to begin the download and install of the Wix app


Once the Wix app is installed, you can open the App


Sign up

In order to access Unified Mind on the Wix app you need to create an account and sign-in to continue.


You can sign-in to Unified Mind on the Wix app using your Facebook, Google, or setting up an account using your email.


Enable Notifications

Once signed into the Wix app, you will be prompted to Allow Wix notifications on your mobile device.


Allow this to enable Unified Mind to send you a notification when practices or events are starting.


Join Unified Mind

Request to join Unified Mind so we can confirm your membership and enable your access to the app.

If you have not subscribed to the Unifed Mind Paid Plan

click here to get started

For further support accessing Unified Mind, please contact us directly on